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How to Buy a License

Loginizer Pro version has several extra features as compared to the Loginizer Free version. In order to use the Loginizer pro version you need to purchase a license and then install Loginizer Security plugin.

This guide will show you how to purchase Loginizer Security Pro license.

Go to the Client Area

Please visit the Client area to purchase Loginizer license using the following link :

1) Login with your Softaculous account. If you do not have a Softaculous account you can quickly create one using the Sign Up form.

2) Once you are logged into the Client area you will need to choose a plan as per the number of sites where you would like to use Loginizer Security Pro.

3) After choosing the plan click on Purchase Loginizer button.

4) Now you will be asked to make the payment. Choose the payment method and make the payment.

5) After making the payment you will be redirected to the client area where you will see the success page.

6) That's it ! You have successfully purchased Loginizer Security Pro license.

You can refer to the guide on how to install Loginizer Security Pro.

License Key and Download

You can access the Client area -> Loginizer -> My Licenses page to view your license key and to download Loginizer Security Pro plugin. Or you can access the following link :


If you face any issues you can contact our support team.

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