Brute Force Protection Free

Get protection from hackers' repeated attempts to gain access to your account with Loginizer brute force protection.

Extended Lockouts Free

Set up Auto LOCKOUT for IPs after a max number of failed attempts. Optimal settings are pre-configured which you can change.

Detailed Logs Free

Get detailed logs of failed attempts and all other suspicious activity with loginizer and easily monitor them on the go.

Email Notification Free

Get email notification of failed login attempts immediately to take quick action against brute force.

Blacklist IP's Free

Create a list of untrusted IP addresses such users will be blocked to login to the website.

Whitelist IP's Free

Create a list of trusted IP addresses such users will not be blocked to login to the website.

MD5 Checksum Premium

Perform a MD5 checksum for CORE files of your website to know if someone changed anything or added malicious code in it.

reCaptcha Premium

reCAPTCHA protects your website from fraud and abuse using complex challenges to block malicious activities on website.

Challenge Questions Premium

Apply a challenge question on the login page so no one without that information can log into your website.

Passwordless Login via Email Premium

Completely disable login with password. Just enter the username/email, you will receive an email with the link to login.

2FA via Email Premium

Add a two-step security layer for login. Configure a two-factor authentication via email for secure login.

2FA via Mobile Apps Premium

Configure a two-factor authentication via mobile or authenticator apps for secure login.

Rename Login Page Premium

You can change the wp-login.php link to a custom one so only you know the login link and no one else will be able to login.

Prevent Pingbacks Premium

Disable pingbacks so the users can't pingback your website and are safe from a DDOS attack.

Disable XML-RPC Premium

Disable/Rename the XML-RPC and prevent brute force on the xmlrpc.php page which is open by default in WordPress.

& many more in the making!


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