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Renaming the Login Page

This guide will help you rename the Login URL for all your WordPress users.
There are many programmed bots and attacking software which assume the login URL to be wp-login.php.
This feature eliminates bots to try to brute force via the common known WordPress login page - wp-login.php.
You can rename the Login URL to anything of your choice.

Renaming the Login Page

To rename the Login Page, please go to WordPress Admin Panel -> Loginizer Security -> Security Settings.
There you will find the Rename Login Page Setting section.
Enter a new login slug in this section.

Note : Please do consider the Access Secretly setting as per your requirement.

The following is a screenshot of the settings page

Access Secretly

When you use Loginizer's - Renaming the Login Page - feature, then wherever the Login URL is shown within your WordPress site, the new login slug will be shown.
This behaviour can be changed and the login URL itself can be kept a secret.
To do so, enable the Access Secretly Only setting as well.
The downside is, you will need to inform all your users who have an account to use the secret login URL, as it will not be visible to anyone.
This is security via obscurity.

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