How to Blacklist an IP from Login

Blacklisting an IP ensures that a user with the particular blacklisted IP will never be able to login unless an until the blacklisted IP is removed from the list.

Go to Loginizer Security -> Brute Force. From there, scroll down until you find the “Blacklist IP“ tab. You can blacklist an IP from therein.

Blacklisting IPs

Single IP

Enter the IP Address that you'd like to blacklist in the "Start IP" option & click on "Add Blacklist IP Range".

IP Range

Enter the Start IP & the End IP in their respectful options in order to block a set of IPs. For Example : to

Removing Blacklisted IPs

Single IPs/ IP Ranges

To remove a single IP or a set of IPs, click on the "Delete" link under the "Options" column where the row of the IP that you'd like to remove is located.

All IPs

In order to remove all the IPs, click on the "Delete All Blacklist IP Range(s)" button.

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