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Loginizer 1.8.0 Launched: Single Sign-on

This is a major version and contains a feature and a major refactor to improve the performance of the plugin.

  • [Feature][Pro] We have added Single Sign-on for you to create temporary login to share to let other login to your account without sharing password.
  • [Refactor] We have reduced the amount of code that was being loaded when a login attempt was made by around 150KB.
  • [Refactor] Screenshots of Loginizer were included in the plugin, we have shifted that to assets of, reducing the overall size of plugin by more than 100KB.

Single Sign-On

Using single sign-on you can give someone one time access to the WordPress dashboard without giving them a username or password.

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The Loginizer team is working constantly to improve our product and if you have any feedback or suggestion you can write to us at

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