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Loginizer 1.7.8 Launched: Limit Concurrent Logins

In this release we are have added a feature that will help prevent concurrent logins, and we have improved the way we show the login attempt stats.

  • [Task] Tested with WordPress 6.2
  • [Feature] Login attempts stats chart on Loginizer Dashboard.
  • [Feature] [Pro] Limit Concurrent user login, you can either block login attempt or revoke when limit of concurrent user is reached.

Limit Concurrent Logins

We have added a feature which will give you option to prevent your users from login from different locations or devices.
The best use case is to prevent password sharing as some of our users sell courses or digital content and don't want their users to share password. This feature could be a way to reduce such cases of password sharing.

Limit Concurrent Attempts on WordPress

Limit Concurrent Attempts come with 3 options:-

  • Limit Type: You can decide from 2 options that is either Block or destroy. Blocking will prevent user from logging in from another device, while Destroy will destroy every other sessions when login from different attempt is made. 
  • Max Session Count: It's the limit on the number of devices the user can login from Concurrently.
  • Exclude Roles: You won't want to apply this limit for every users so you can exclude based on the roles.

Login Attempt Stats

We have improved the stats of login attempts, by adding charts to make it easily understandable using charts.

Loginizer Login Attempt Charts

We hope these features will be helpful to you in improving the security of your websites from Brute-force attacks.

The Loginizer team is working constantly to improve our product and if you have any feedback or suggestion you can write to us at

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