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Add a much needed layer of security to your WordPress site. Loginizer is built to secure the core of your WordPress with multiple features like Bruteforce protection, 2FA, Captcha, MD5 Checksum and much more...

BruteForce Protection

Get protection from hackers' repeated attempts to gain access to your account with Loginizer brute force protection.


reCAPTCHA protects your website from fraud and abuse using complex challenges to block malicious activities on websites.


Set up Auto LOCKOUT for IPs after a max number of failed attempts. Optimal settings are pre-configured which you can change.

Two Factor Authentication

Configure a two-factor authentication on email, mobile, or authenticator apps for more secure logins.

Black/Whitelist IP

Create a list of trusted/untrusted IP addresses such as users and websites are allowed/blocked to login to the website .

Detailed Logs

Get detailed logs of failed attempts and all other suspicious activity with Loginizer and easily monitor them on the go.

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Is your website secure enough to face security threats?

Your years of work perfecting your site and getting regular traffic to it. You have worked so hard to build an identity and a brand with your customers.

And it could all get in vain due to lack of security.

Secure Website
A single security fail can decrease your business.
  • Getting Blacklisted by SEO
  • Unable to access website
  • Loss of Important data
  • Hub for spreading Malware
  • and much worse

Free WordPress Plugin

Loginizer comes with a Free WordPress plugin which can be installed for instant brute force protection. Just install the plugin and your site is protected from the very first minute.


Over 1 Million+ active installations on WordPress

Loginizer WordPress plugin is trusted by more than a Million active sites. Over 800+ 5 Star Reviews on

Loginizer on WordPress


We have plans available for all types of users from 1 website personal user to 100+ websites agencies.




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