Disabling the Loginizer Plugin if you are locked out

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This guide shows you how to disable the Loginizer Security / Loginizer plugin in the event you are locked out.

When Admin Access is restricted

The simplest way to disable Loginizer Security / Loginizer plugin is to rename the plugin folder.
Note : You will need a file manager or FTP access to disable Loginizer.
Please FTP into your WordPress installation or use your file manager.
Then navigate to the following location :

Now, rename the loginizer-security OR loginizer folder to _loginizer.
This will completely disable the Loginizer Security / Loginizer plugin.

Rename Admin Area Settings prevent you to Login

This can happen if the .htaccess file is re-written. You can enable Loginizer Premium and do one of the following :

Create reset_admin.txt File

Please create a file reset_admin.txt in the Loginizer Pro folder.
Then access your WordPress Admin via your browser and login as Admin.
Once you have successfully logged in you can delete the reset_admin.txt file.

Update the Loginizer Settings in the Database

You can blank out the settings of the Rename Admin feature by executing a simple query :

UPDATE options SET option_value = '' WHERE option_name = 'loginizer_wp_admin'​

The options table might have a prefix as per your Wordpress installation.
So please modify the above query accordingly.
Once you have successfully executed the above query, please enable Loginizer Security Pro and login to the WordPress Admin Area.


If you need any help, please contact support.